Sydney Souvenir tea towel – bring a bit of Australia home.

The Sydney souvenir tea towel is illustrated and hand printed in the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia. In the illustration you’ll find some of Sydney’s most iconic architectural landmarks. Can you spot the sharks and fireworks too? Find our popular Sydney tea towel in our online shop. 

It is also available as a print or a cushion cover.


Sydney souvernir illustrated tea towel
The Sydney illustration printed on a 100% linen tea towel.

London art work – jolly good mini print of London

Jolly good the London art work is just finished with iconic landmarks and buildings.

Pick your own favourite cities and mix and match to create a feature wall. Pick places you’ve been, want to go or just think about.

If you are looking for a particular city or place contact us and we will put your place on the list of things to do 🙂

You’ll  find the London art work as a print in our online shop here.

London illustration
London art work by Linda Fahrlin for Supertrooper Studio.

Stockholm print – a mini map over inner Stockholm

Stockholm print illustrated by Linda Fahrlin for Supertrooper Studio
Stockholm print illustrated by Linda Fahrlin for Supertrooper Studio.

This Stockholm print is illustrated by Linda Fahrlin for Supertrooper Studio. Breath the crisp air filled with the scent of fresh Christmas trees and catch falling snowflakes.  The illustration is a little bit of a Stockholm cocktail and a map. It shows the icy water front at Sodermalm, Gamla Stan, Kungsholmen and city. There are also the classic Kaknastornet in the background reaching up in the sky.

You can easily mix & match with other cities in the Tinyworld Collection for a feature wall or chose the places close to your heart. If you don’t see your city in the list send us an email and we’ll try to get around to it!

The Stockholm print is available in our online store here.


Rome illustration now available as a print

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Everywhere you go you can spot an ancient landmark or two. If there’s not a monument, statue or fountain you can be sure there’s a local pizza, gelato or coffee bar. In the Rome illustration we captured a few of the iconic landmarks.

The Rome illustration comes as a print and you can find it in our online store.

Rome illustration with iconic landmarks
Rome illustration as a print.

San Francisco art work now in the shop as a print

The San Francisco art work is finished and features Alcatraz, Golden Gate bridge and more. It is a smaller sized print and looks great when mixed and matched with the other prints in the series.  You can find the print here in our online shop.

When illustrating the San Francisco print I looked at streetscapes, how the city is planned and small details and features. Then I took a step back and started to eliminate and clean up the design and what was left was the essentials. I think it’s really interesting to think about what particular corner stones that makes a particular city recognisable? Is it the Golden gate bridge, tram or Alcatraz, that makes us identify the city as an illustration?

San Francisco art work illustration
San Francisco art work

San Francisco art work – detail

The second place to be illustrated in the Tiny World series of illustrations is San Francisco art work. I’ve been working so many late evenings to get this little collection finished. It’s really fun to look at the small details of places and draw them and finally arranging them into place. Here’s a little detail shot from the print.

Detail from the San Franciso illustration.
Detail from the San Francisco illustration.

Waikiki Honolulu art work, part of a new series of illustrations

Aloha, the Waikiki, Honolulu art work is finished!

For a while I’ve been working on a series of illustrations in a smaller format. The graphic elements are more stylised but with a richer colour scheme with a slight retro colour reference.

The Honolulu artworks are available as prints in two sizes. You’ll find them in the online shop.

Waikiki Honolulu artwork by Supertrooper Studio
Waikiki Honolulu artwork by Supertrooper Studio


Today we’re on Gestalten with the Dublin illustration.

There’s on little publishing house that over and over again publishes the most awesome titles. Gestalten verlag is by far one of my favourite. Therefore today was a little extra special as they posted my Dublin illustration. A good Tuesday. This Tuesday wasn’t just a Tuesday.

Gestalten specializes in developing content for aficionados of cutting-edge visual culture worldwide. For us, visual culture is the output resulting from the interrelationship of design, art, architecture, photography, and other visual disciplines with each other as well as other areas such as popular culture and music. In drawing from a variety of influences and combining them in ways not yet seen before, this work is pushing contemporary creative expression to new frontiers.”


Gestalten Supertrooper Studio Dublin poster

Limited edition art print in gold on black – only twelve ever made.

This is a limited edition art print based on a hand drawn sketch. There’s only ever twelve of these prints made. It was printed using a variety of techniques such as Riso print and Screen print. The prints where made as a trial and each one of the prints have different characteristics and ink coverage. The prints are available in my online shop here.


Limited edition Riso/Screen print in black and gold.

Limited edition art print using a Riso/Screen print technique in black and gold.

Hand printed with a lovely textured feel.
Hand printed with a lovely textured feel.
Close up of the print showing the detailing of the gold colour and nature of the print.
Close up of the print showing the detailing of the gold colour and nature of the print.

Kids room inspiration – classic with Scandianvian retro vibes

Kids room inspiration in blue and red.
Kids room inspiration in blue and red. All products from Supertrooper Studio.

We love playing with mood boards to create different visual stories. Here’s some Friday night kids room inspiration to check out. From top left: The Tap Dancing Octopus poster, Happy Alphabet ABC-poster, You’re my Shining Star pennant, Fire engine & Mr Cloud DIY craft pack softies.

Sligo illustration – and climbing mountains.

The Sligo illustration is available as a print. It includes landmarks like Knocknarea, the majestic Ben Bulben, O’Connell street, The Model, The Garavogue river,  Drumcliffe, Yeats grave, Carrowmore toombs, Classiebawn castle to name a few.

Sligo is a town along the Wild Atlantic Way on the North west coast of Ireland. It is a very beautiful area with many attractions and very old heritage sites to visit. We climbed the new Knocknarea track up to the top (have ever only gone the old way up before).  Well up there we just managed to take a photo of the new illustration. Then the rain clouds started to assemble. Just before the rain swept in, we hurried down the narrow track through dense pine forrest.

The print is available in our online store.

Sligo illustration with a view from the mountain Knocknarea in Strandhill, Ireland.
View from the mountain Knocknarea in Strandhill, Ireland.
Killaspugbrone church ruins in Sligo, Ireland, with the present building dating back to the 12th century.
Killaspugbrone church ruins in Sligo, Ireland, with the present building dating back to the 12th century.
Drumcliffe round tower, located adjacent Yeats grave, Sligo, Ireland.
Drumcliffe round tower, located adjacent Yeats grave, Sligo, Ireland.
Ben Bulben mountain seen from Gibraltar, Sligo, Ireland.
Ben Bulben mountain seen from Gibraltar, Sligo, Ireland.


Dublin art print illustrated poster with Dublin landmarks now available.

The Dublin illustration

The  illustration is the latest illustration from Supertrooper Studio. It features both the South side of town as well as the north side of town. Included are iconic landmarks like Hapenny bridge, Busaras, Harp bridge, St Stephens Green, Kilmainham gaol, Temple bar, O’Connell street, Phoenix park, four courts and of course distilleries and breweries.

Available as tea towel, art print or cushion cover

As most of our illustrations we have made the Dublin illustration available as an art print, linen tea towel and cushion cover.

They are available in our online store.

Dublin illustration available as an art print, tea towel or cushion cover.
Dublin illustration is available as an art print, tea towel or cushion cover.

Kids room interior: New wall art pennants

The Beautiful Day Collection for kids room interior and nursery is growing. Just finished are the smaller sized pennants and they are made with the following illustrations:

Mr Moon (text on pennant: I love you to the Moon & Back). Choice of pink or grey in colour.

Miss Sunshine (text on pennant: You are my sunshine). Bright red in colour.

Shining Star (text on pennant: You are my shining star). Choice of blue or light mint in colour.

The pennants are an easy way to add personality to your kids room interior.

They are all available in our online shop or at our stockists.

Which one is Your favourite?

Beautiful Day Collection Wall art pennants for kids room interior, with illustrations by Supertrooper Studio.
Beautiful Day Collection wall art pennants with illustrations by Supertrooper Studio.

Stockholm new illustration, cushion cover and tea towel.

This winter I went back to Stockholm and spent time sketching and researching. It is the city where I grew up, went to school and climbed over the backyard fences in the island of Sodermalm together with my friends.

The Stockholm illustration features Sodermalm, Mosebacke, Gamla Stan, Sergelstorg and the Hotorgsskaporna and Stadshuset where the Nobel dinner is being held to name a few places. Included in the illustration is also the old houses on Sodermalm and the Mosebacke quarters (where I’ve had so many lattes with friends), the Katarina Hissen (elevator), and the Sergelskraporna, Stureplan, Kungstradgarden, and the Royal Dramatic Theatre – Dramaten. They are now available through the online store.SPSTOCC Supertrooperstudio Stockholm CushionCover 1000x1000

SPSTOTT Supertrooperstudio Stockholm teatowel fold 1000x1000

This week in the Studio

This week we’ve been preparing for Finders Keepers Market in Sydney and Canberra Handmade Market. With an array of new ideas popping up on the drawing table we are working long hours here in the Studio to make them happen.

One of my favorite things to illustrate is projects for children as I get to use all the colours in the toolbox.

One of the first items I made when working in the Supertrooper Studio (before it was even had a name of sorts) was the Happy Alphabet ABC-poster. People we met along the way all told us how much they loved the illustrations, and if you’ve met us or have our card you might have noticed that all our business cards use the ABC-illustrations. As a rule of thumb we run out of these at every event as everyone is looking for their letter 🙂

My personal favorite is the Sun illustration. In fact I liked it so much that you’ll find different versions of the Sun in the Super Places Series as well.

And now, here we are trying to get a small run of pennants for the new Beautiful Day Collection finished. As you might have guessed – there’s a happy Sun in there too.

Supertrooperstudio kids room pennant workinprogress1


Bits and grids

This weekend I started a rather large painting based on the landscape grid used by the Super places series. It’s fair to say I probably have sketched a mile today before packing up.

As you might know I have an interest in information graphics, grids and systems of various kinds. Here’s a sneakypeak.

Have a nice weekend, and Thank You for this week.

supertrooperstudio sketch artwork



Melbourne illustrated wall print, tea towel and cushion cover

This addition to the Super Places Collection is the Melbourne illustration with a timeless classic feel. Inspired by the lane ways and art life, bikes, trams, secret lane ways, rooftop cinemas and events it evokes memories a la the Melbourne experience.

Represented in the illustration is all the beautiful food experiences had in the city, the Royal Exhibition building, China Town, MCG, the rowing boats of the Yarra, the iconic Melbourne trams, Flinders Street station and what Melbourne always did very well; roof top out door cinema.

The illustration is available as a wall print, tea towel and cushion cover. They are all available in our online shop or at our stockists.

WEB SupertrooperStudio Super Places Melbourne Collection

Strandhill, Co Sligo – Illustrated wall print of life off the Wild Atlantic Way

Strandhill is located in the beautiful West Coast of Ireland, facing the open wild Atlantic and backed by the Mountain Knocknarea.  The mountain is said to host Queen Maeves’s Tomb, and Knocknarea seems to have been a major place of ritual and meeting in the Neolithic era. Today Strandhill is a very friendly place, a small place with a big heart. It also hosts some of the most amazing surf brakes in the West Coast of Ireland, only crowded by seals and the occasional dolphin.

There’s  a great friendly local community cultivating land and relationships planting seeds for the future of Strandhill.
The Strandhill illustration is inspired by stories from growing up on the mountain, playing among the ivy clad walls and hiding in the green lush Glen. A very special place for us.

The print is available in our online store or at Shells Cafe, Strandhill, Ireland.


WEB SupertrooperStudio Super Places Strandhill Collection

London illustration available as a illustrated print, tea towel and cushion cover!

London calling! Jump on the bus! The London cityscape illustration is a recent addition to the Super Places Collection. With so much to offer and with something for everyone (even jellied eel-pie lovers!) a lot of time was spent carefully illustrating the essence of the vibrant city. The illustration is inspired by time spent with very good friends in London, and observations of details in the ever changing but classic city. The London Eye, London Tower, The Shard, Big Ben, Westminster, the locals, the guards, the scones all made it in there.

You’ll find the tea towel, art print, and cushion cover in our online store.

Illustrated by Supertrooper Studio.
Approx size: Width: 45cm x Height: 45 cm
Printed on one side. White back side.
White zipper at bottom edge.
Fabric: 100% cotton.
Designed, screen printed and hand made in Australia
All cushion covers are hand made and may have a slight
variation in appearance and colour.
The cushion cover comes without a cushion insert.


WEB SupertrooperStudio Super Places London Collection

Canberra souvenir illustration: available as an art print, tea towel and cushion cover.

The Canberra Super Places Collection is carefully illustrated with a timeless classic feel. Hot air balloons, ferris wheel and tulips reminds of the festive spirit of the annual Floriade combined with more formal architectural elements such as the Australian Parliament overlooking Lake Burley Griffin. Canberra is the Capital of Australia and an iconic city designed by Walter Burley Griffin. It truly was a pleasure to interpret and illustrate the city with so many architectural treasures. Included in the Canberra illustration is the Floriade, The Australian Parliament, Craft Act, the Legislative Assembly, National Carillon to name a few landmarks.

True keepsake and Canberra souvenir. You’ll find the Canberra art print, tea towel and cushion cover in our online store.

WEB SupertrooperStudio Super Places Canberra Collection

BC SupertrooperStudio SP Canberra Cushioncover front interior

Super Places Collection Brisbane

This sunny and bright illustration of Brisbane includes everything from pineapples and palm trees to Paddington. Icons like the The Old Mill and the Story Bridge. Queenslander houses with beautiful verandas and a Moreton bay bug.
 The illustration is inspired by travels to Brisbane and sunny days spent enjoying the city and river.

The Brisbane illustration comes as: Wall art poster, Tea towel, Cushion Cover, Magnetic Bookmark


WEB SupertrooperStudio Super Places Brisbane Collection

MiniTipi Play tent

Supertrooperstudio MiniTipi play tent

There’s a new store coming to town! MiniTipi.
MiniTipi provides a fun and stimulating environment for your child, and can become a play store, a space rocket or a ship or wherever your imagination takes you. The shelves are stacked with play time and fun!
Your children will play and develop skills in social interaction and counting – and when it is quiet-time, it’s the perfect hide away to curl up and read a book.
You’ll find the new MiniTipi in our shop. A purchase that will last over generations of store keepers.

Product Facts:
•    MiniTipi is made of 100% cotton.
•    Printed with water based inks.
•    The hardwood dowels are made of PEFC-certified wood sources.
•    Rubber feet are included for stability and to protect your polished floorboards.
•    MiniTipi is suitable for kids over 3 years since it contains small parts.
•    It is light and easy to store away.

•    Base width: Approx. 93cm
•    Pole Height: Approx. 180cm.
•    Tipi Height: Approx. 1300mm

Each MiniTipi comes with:
•    Protective rubber feet x 4
•    TipiTent
•    Poles x 4
•    2 x polyester cord.
•    MiniTipi comes delivered as two separate packages.

Care Advice
Cold handwash
Cool iron inside out
Dry flatDo not soak
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean

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